Remote services for the collaborative management of network infrastructure

LION® is a revolutionary approach based on the concept of collaborative management of Networks, together with our clients:
It is not Outsourcing. Clients have often already developed their own network infrastructures. They want to be able to control them because they are critical to their businesses, and they wish to remain autonomous, not wanting to rely completely on external suppliers.
It is not Insourcing. Complete management of the network may be too expensive, can lead to a lack of focus and may require too many specialised skills or the need to acquire an excessive number of resources.

COLLABORATIVE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT is the right mix, in which the company retains ownership of the network infrastructure but it is managed remotely by a professional team with a high level of know-how. In this way the company can benefit from the wide ranging experience and expertise of dedicated professionals in relation to networks, of all kinds of sizes and types, in a transversal and cooperative manner.